Discover the Secret of Apple’s Financial Success

By: Miles Leung Whenever you unbox your Apple product, you will see “Designed by Apple in California.” This design is where the magic begins—the magic that brings Apple a great fortune. In fact, Apple’s market value has been doubled from one trillion dollars to two trillion dollars in two years. The company’s revenue would not be so high if not for its supply chain system. … Continue reading Discover the Secret of Apple’s Financial Success

The Rage of Minimum Wage

By: Allison Fullmer Think of someone who would deny the opportunity to increase his or her hourly wage. It may be difficult to find such a person, as the discussion of increasing minimum wage is a common topic among Americans. Having more money often allows Americans more financial freedom, less financial stress, and higher levels of happiness. Minimum wage is currently at an unlivable rate … Continue reading The Rage of Minimum Wage

Error 404: Coders Not Found

By Stephan Peck The websites you visit daily—maybe even hourly—are made possible through an interconnected technology stack that includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If that just sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, you’re not alone. According to, fewer than 50,000 graduates received degrees in computer science in 2017. Meanwhile, businesses are currently seeking over 500,000 computing positions in the US. Do you see … Continue reading Error 404: Coders Not Found

Social Media’s Impact on Branding

By Emma Leister In April of 2018, Carter Wilkerson tweeted a simple question to the Wendy’s Twitter account, asking how many retweets he would need before the restaurant would give him a year’s supply of chicken nuggets. Wendy’s subsequent challenge for Wilkerson—obtain 18 million retweets—sparked a storm that overtook social media with the hashtag #NuggsForCarter and ultimately culminated in both a new record for the … Continue reading Social Media’s Impact on Branding

The Problem With Government Bailouts

Our country is currently more than $25 trillion in debt; we should not be providing trillions of dollars of tax-funded money to businesses that didn’t save up money for hard times. And when bailouts are absolutely necessary for essential companies to survive, the American people should directly receive equity in such companies after they are bailed out. Continue reading The Problem With Government Bailouts