Podcast Spotlight: Noella Moshi and Misan Rewane on Wave

By Mark Sherman



Society often defines success as how much money is in your bank account, rather than how many healthy relationships you have with others. Noella Moshi and Misan Rewane were born in Nigeria with a determination to redefine society’s definition of success. In 2017, Noella and Misan founded a non-profit organization known as WAVE (West Africa Vocational Education). WAVE’s mission is to help West Africa’s youth to become self-reliant. Noella and Misan founded WAVE with the belief that “it’s very difficult to change the world, but it’s much easier to change somebody’s world.”

By focusing on relationships and interactions with individuals, the youth of West Africa are finding the confidence to grow in the business world. Noella and Misan believe that you cannot “fix” the individual, but you can see their potential and can serve them as they change themselves.

Noella and Misan teach that disconnecting from constant distractions enhance inner peace and personal confidence.. Noella and Misan encourage morning devotionals to be the best time of day to think calmly in order to connect with oneself for a meaningful day and life.

Listen to Notella and Misan’s full story on Measuring Success Right to learn more about their ideas for social innovation and about the importance of connecting with others and yourself! Measuring Success Right is available online at measuringsuccessright.com and on Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play, and Apple Podcast.

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