By Sarah Romney

Jargon that will keep you going through the year

  1. Advertainment: A marketing strategy that combines advertising and entertainment. It is usually unclear to the audience whether the content is media entertainment or product promotion.
  2. Go live: To release a product or service to the public. This term previously referred only to technology or websites when they were made available, but now can be applied to any product.
  3. Pivot: To try something different when a current business model or strategy fails. It includes making a change or applying a new strategy in order to more successfully meet the needs of the market.
  4. Customer journey: An exhaustive list of the experiences a customer will have when interacting with a company. Mapping out the customer journey enables a company to better understand its customers and improve the customer experience.
  5. Mashup: The combination of multiple resources through the same web platform. This often refers to business applications that integrate in unexpected and useful ways.


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