Editor’s Letter: Expectations

In the classic tale by Charles Dickens, Pip and his girlfriend,
Estella, are constantly thrown into unexpected situations
which alter their life’s journey. From a chance meeting in
a cemetery of an escaped convict, to the time spent in an
eccentric lady’s home, to a final inheritance of wealth, Pip’s
and Estella’s expectations for life were constantly turned
upside and sideways. Estella wisely observes to Pip how these
hiccups strengthen her, rather than weaken her: “Suffering has
been stronger than all other teaching and has taught me to
understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and
broken, but – I hope – into a better shape.” The pandemic may
have bent and broken some of our plans, such as canceling
internships, working from home rather than an exotic place,
and postponing vacations. We may need to find another way
of doing things and our future may take surprising turns
away from what we had initially planned, but we must remain
positive realizing that new horizons for innovation are before

This issue of Marriott Student Review (MSR) is all about
developing greater expectations for the future, finding new
ways of accomplishing our dreams, and fostering relationships,
even in the digital world of Zoom and Team meetings. Even
though our expectations have been unexpectedly altered, in
the end, the shape of our lives may be ultimately better.

Developing Greater Expectations

With fewer students choosing a vocational education, the
United States is facing a rapidly growing gap in skilled
vocational labor. The Swiss model of apprenticeships may
help the bottom line of U.S. companies by training students
for promising careers, which may begin to solve vocational
trade woes.

Working for a nonprofit organization does not need to be a
waste of one’s education and career. There are many false
myths about nonprofits, and it is important to get the facts
straight so you can do what you love without a fear of financial
repercussions. Nonprofits provide a sense of purpose for
employees and the pay and job-security for nonprofit jobs is the
same—if not better—than their for-profit counterparts. There
are some downsides, but if you are aware of these potential
problems, nonprofits may still be a wise and rewarding career
path to take.

Finding New Ways to Accomplish Tasks

People spend much of their time at home, but in a post-COVID world, time spent in the workplace will be a close
second. People should care more about how their office is set
up. A well-designed interior at the workplace can help promote
employee productivity and support their well-being, build a
sense of community, improve team collaboration, and attract
and retain talent.
Is fashion an art or a utilitarian part of our life? Thanks to
U.S. copyright laws, “fast fashion” companies like H&M and
Zara are making windfall gains by copying new designs, even
at the expense of small start-ups. Without “fashion copycats”
that make affordable yet trendy products, the fashion industry
would be left dependent on a small group of upper-class
Building Information Technology (BIM) offers the construction
industry a new way to manage and accomplish tasks, from
sourcing to construction to maintenance. BIM has significant
risks, but also boasts enough benefits to make firms ready to
start integrating its use. The rising generation of digital natives
can spearhead the widespread use of BIM as a new way to get
things done more efficiently.
Because of the pandemic and concerns about global warming,
the airline industry is caught in the crossfire between
environmental activists and people worried about catching
COVID on a flight. How will airlines move forward in this
age of flight-shaming? Airlines may be forced to incorporate
certain governmental regulations and measures in the future,
which may have a far-reaching effect on airline companies.

Fostering Relationships

Much of the business world is run digitally, yet relationship
marketing, which treats the business/consumer dynamic as a
relationship, is a critical aspect of business success. Businesses
cannot just offer discounts to gain customers, but they must
also increase the consumer connections to increase their

Networking on-line is tough, yet most people are aware that
networking and relationship building hold the keys to success
within the business world. Being outside plus networking is
a win-win proposition. Recent statistics suggest that golf is
a major player in cutting behind-the-scenes business deals.
Approximately 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf, and
executives who play golf earn 17% more than those who do
not. Golf is a networking tool available to virtually anyone: the
old and young, male and female, athletic and unathletic alike,
even during the pandemic. It aids in building relationships with
clients, customers, vendors, and colleagues, simultaneously
advancing the golfer’s career and helping to grow the
company. Golfers learn how to deal with the success, failure,
and adversity that they encounter both on the golf course and
in the workplace. The moral of the story is – do not let your
golfing skills or your business skills become subpar. And if you
have not yet, start learning to golf and enjoy the fresh air.

We can look to the future with great expectations. In Dicken’s
book, Estella also makes the astute observation: “I must be
taken as I have been made. The success is not mine; the failure
is not mine, but the two together make me.” We are all made
of our successes and failures. We should not be afraid of both
as we move forward towards a “new normal” for our future
and in business.

Hopefully, the expectations in this issue will inspire all of us.
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Marianna Richardson
Marriott Student Review and Measuring Success Right

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