Podcast Review: Fraser Bullock on Measuring Success and Managing Stress

Mark Larsen

On March 22, 2020 we had the pleasure of interviewing Fraser Bullock, co-founder of Sorenson Capital and COO of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. Bullock has led an extremely successful professional career full of interesting experiences and wholesome life lessons. A former BYU MBA graduate and Bain & Company consultant, Bullock became a founding partner of one of the world’s leading private equity firms: Bain Capital. He later co-founded Sorenson Capital, a leading middle-market private equity firm based in Lehi, Utah. Mitt Romney recruited Mr. Bullock to help run the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. He transformed what began as an Olympic committee plagued by scandal and bribery accusations to one of the most positively-renowned in history. Listen to our Measuring Success Right podcast to hear fascinating stories from Mr. Bullock’s professional life in learning to have success and manage stress.

Defining Happiness and Measuring Our Own Success

How we define success is constantly changing—and rightly so—but Bullock states that three principles have underlined each of his successful life investments. Ask yourself, (1) “Am I doing the right things that I know to be true?,” (2) “Am I uplifting others?,” and (3) “Am I doing something meaningful?” Mr. Bullock ensures success and fulfillment in life if we are helping to build something bigger than ourselves and having a positive impact in others’ lives. As we focus on these principles in our individual experiences, we will help those around us find personal happiness.

Managing Stress and Overcoming Depression

Mr. Bullock recently experienced a life-threatening heart attack. During this time, he underwent massive amounts of stress. He was on the boards of directors for more than 20 different companies. Between his work, service, and familial obligations he rarely had time to rest. During this time, he fell into a serious depression. Mr. Bullock said that he was in the “depths of despair” and that he lacked a literal and metaphorical appetite. After receiving help, he was able to pull himself out of the depression and find balance and happiness in his life. Mr. Bullock came away from this experience with three adages: (1) “Everyday is a gift. How can I make it special and meaningful?,” (2) Enrich relationships with kindness. Mr. Bullock says, “the fabric of humanity is our relationships with people”; consequently, we need to treat others with kindness. (3) Give meaningful service. Bullock realizes that he is lucky and blessed that he can learn and grow stronger from his trials. He has decided to use this experience to help others and has committed himself to rebalancing his life.

An Incredible Life

I recommend that anyone listen to our interview with Fraser Bullock because the podcast is full of interesting information and wisdom you can’t help but glean from his journey. Not only does Mr. Bullock identify lessons learned from the Olympics; he also talks about how to be a great investor and how to identify product leadership in companies. I’d “venture” to say that listening to his insights enriches each listener’s understanding of success in business and leaves the reader hungry and motivated to learn more.

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