Podcast Review: James Gaskin on Learning

By Sarah Romney

“I promised my wife I wouldn’t start any new companies last year.” James Gaskin—who once walked the streets of Los Angeles as a Hollywood actor and dancer—now teaches information systems at BYU and has started businesses ranging from a company that tracks cattle to a company that facilitates dream analytics. While Gaskin kept his promise last year, he’s back at it again starting new businesses with the students he mentors. In his podcast interview with Measuring Success Right, James Gaskin shares how he has created a life that is meaningful to him and how students and other professionals can do the same.

One of these keys to success is finding out what you are passionate about and pursuing it. While Gaskin has recently focused his interest on technology such as augmented reality and quantum computing, he remarked, “If I were born in the 1800s, I’d find something fascinating there too.” No matter what you are passionate about, seeking it out must be a conscious choice. “We often let life dictate the trajectory and the circumstances of our lives, which is a mistake,” Gaskin says.

Another piece of a meaningful life is having time for what is most important. Even with the many businesses he has started, his job as a professor, and his other fascinations, Gaskin has become a master of time management. “I only work 30 hours a week,” he says. The rest of his time he spends with his wife and children. For him, family is a priority, so he makes choices that enable him to dedicate his time to them.

Although this all may seem like an unrealistic dream, for James Gaskin, it is a reality. And it can be your reality, too. Learn more about Gaskin’s experiences and insights on creating a fulfilling life by listening to the podcast. Whatever you are passionate about, and whatever you prioritize, you can decide the trajectory.

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